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To whome it may concern,

As you may have seen since its airing in roughly 1994, I Paul Freshour was wrongfully involved in a series of obscene and threatening letters that surged though the small town of Circleville located in Ohio. This injustice resulted in the unwarranted sentence of 10 to 25 years in prison. Out of the 10 to 25 years, I served 10.5 years in multiple correctional facilities. The main issue I want to express to those of you that have seen my case is that all the while I was serving my sentence, the obscene and threatening letters continued uninterrupted. This is key due to the fact that I had no accesses to any writing utensils (I.E. standard postage, paper, pencils, pens, Etc) that would enable me to write and send said letters. All outgoing written communication had to be embossed “meaning the postage was already attached to the envelope…NO PAPER STAMPS ALLOWED.” The commissary (store) only sold certain types of paper that could be used to send written communication in which did not match that of the letters that continued while I was in prison. Also, it is important to understand that I was under constant investigation which proved I; Paul Freshour did not write these letters that I had been unjustly accused of. Lastly, I invite you to review all of the documents I have enclosed in this initial blog in the efforts to clear not only my name but to find my brother-in-law’s murderer and bring them to justice. I thank you for taking the time to read these enclosed documents, and welcome any comments or questions you may have.


Paul Freshour

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